Unbiased hiring through Artificial Intelligence

Unbiased Recruitment is a rising issue!

Did you know that resumes with a male name are 40% more likely to get an interview request than resumes with a female first name? 
Have you experienced bias in the recruitment process? It can be based on your attire, religion, colour or even based on your gender. Being judged or disqualified by employers during the recruitment process like this is heartbreaking.
McKinsey & Company last month found that, globally, employers in the top 25% for ethnic diversity were 33% more likely to exceed the average profit margin than the least diverse companies. Discriminatory pay practices cost the UK economy £127bn in lost output every year, according to diversity and inclusion champion INvolve and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).  Given that companies with a diverse workforce perform better, there is a need to have a process that can help companies recruit without bias.

We have eliminated bias and prejudice by bringing Artificial Intelligence into the Compaira platform. If you are talented and skilled, you need not worry anymore. 

How can we support you?

Compaira Talent Management platform uses behavioural and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify candidates using their skills, competencies, values and behaviour. We support an end to end transparent and ethical screening process, prioritising skilled, talented candidates.