Women who Revolutionised the Industry of Tech

Women who Revolutionised the Industry of Tech

In the twenty-first century, the new tech industry is rapidly expanding. And the market for this industry is growing by the day. As a result, a fast-growing industry must attract and utilise its workforce effectively and efficiently.

Women who Revolutionised the Industry of TechIt's widely known the tech industry is a man's world. There are several reasons for it, only 25% of women employed within this industry is one of the main reasons. Delayed providing the ability to pursue education without discrimination, is one of the reasons for such a low percentage of women workforce within this industry. and another reason would be, according to many findings women in this field are getting paid 28% less than the then male workforce.

Even though women face numerous challenges, as I mentioned above, this does not imply that women have not contributed to the development of this industry. The truth is that women have contributed to many aspects of this industry that have led to new directions or opened new doors for advancement. Amongst them are Ada Lovelace, Sister Mary Keller, Hedy Lamarr, and Dr. Radia Perlman.

This list of women in technology would begin with Ada Lovelace, who is regarded as the first programer due to her written notes explaining how the concept of an engine could transition calculation to computation. She has even been dubbed the "Prophet of the Computer Age." Even today, every second Tuesday in October is designated as Ada Lovelace Day to honour the accomplishments of women in technology careers.

Then there's Hedy Lamarr, an actress whose most famous invention was a frequency-hopping device known as the Secret Communication System. During World War ii, this device's primary function was to deflect radio-guided torpedoes, and it served as the foundation for many modern-day inventions like Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth. In a nutshell, Hedy is the inventor of Wifi.




Not only in the past but also in the present, many women have worked as both employees and entrepreneurs. Getting 100 percent participation from women would also double the industry's productivity. As a result, tech companies should concentrate on this aspect, beginning with establishing or ensuring an unbiased recruitment process.

 How can Compaira assist you?

Regardless of gender, if there is a talent that can be used to advance in the industry, using it would benefit not only the candidate but also the company. As a result, Compaira assists candidates in obtaining their desired job by eliminating the possibility of bias-based recruitment.

And how would Compaira assist?

Compaira's mission is to eliminate bias and discrimination while providing people with a diverse range of professional opportunities. As a result, Compaira has created artificial intelligence and behavioural algorithms to ensure that no bias or racist thoughts influence the hiring process.

How does Compaira fulfil this?

When applying for jobs, Compaira provides candidates with all the information they need. As a result, the candidates are well-versed in the company and its expectations for the job role in question.

However, when candidates apply for jobs through Compaira, the algorithms initially display only the candidate's set of skills and competencies, which they will need in their selection process.

This means that until the candidate is shortlisted, the hiring company is unaware of his or her race, ethnicity, location, age, or even name. In a nutshell, the combination of a candidate's abilities and competencies determines his or her identity.

This is one way, Compaira ensures there are no biases or discrimination in the hiring process. If you have the necessary skills and competencies, you may be able to find your dream job through Compaira right away. Furthermore, Compaira allows you to choose not only a function but also a sector of the company for which you are willing to work.


At Compaira - we want a world where everyone has the chance to progress; we will provide the connections to do this simply and without bias.

What if you need to improve your abilities and skills?

Compaira may also be able to assist you with this. The Compaira is intended to help you by providing advice on the subject as well as skills that you can hone to increase your chances of landing your ideal job.

That is, if you have the right skills and attitude, Compaira could assist you. And if you're not sure which skills you'll need to work on to get the job you want, Compaira still can help.

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