Women In Technology - Strategies to encourage WIT

Women In Technology - Strategies to encourage WIT

The first step is to choose to work with women. Tech leaders and professionals should communicate to their networks, and beyond that they want to hire women at all levels of their organisations, fund women founders, and collaborate with them.

The next step is to ask people in your network to refer women candidates to your company. Request that your HR team prioritise those referrals. Connect female candidates with co-workers, managers, mentors, and business partners.

Solicit feedback from your colleagues after their interviews and share it with them. We already do this for our friends, former classmates, and former co­workers. It's time to broaden the range of people we help.

It is insufficient to hire women tech workers for entry-level positions. More women in positions of management and leadership are needed. Their perspectives enrich the conversations we're already having as an industry and those we're starting.

As an example, some approaches can be taken. Seek out and promote women with relevant skills and talent for leadership positions and empower them to make day-to-day operations and special project decisions.

Women now have a voice at all company levels as a result of this. Invite women to panel discussions on various topics, giving equal weight to their ideas as they do to men's. This isn't limited to conversations about diversity or women in technology.

Enquire about women's experiences, opinions, and analysis of industry trends. Make them appear to be the experts that they are.

It is also critical to ensure that company presentations feature a diverse range of speakers and that those meetings for major company decisions feature a diverse range of people.


These strategies provide:

  • Women with a seat at the table.
  • Opportunities for professional advancement.
  • Ways to add value to their companies and the tech industry.

Now, let's look at a few tips to help women in technology overcome the biases and differences they face at work and establish a solid career path. To begin, be open to exploring uncharted territory.

According to Meeta Dash, Appen is undergoing rapid change. Taking an early leap of faith into uncharted territory can open up enormous possibilities.

Women bring a unique perspective to these tech opportunities as marketers, engineers, or data scientists.

Women can thrive and grow if they can function in uncertain environments and have a desire to learn and challenge the status quo.

Second, find and be a mentor. Two examples are finding a mentor and not being afraid to seek advice from someone with more experience and knowledge in a field of interest. Remember to pay it forward by assisting these newcomers in getting started as their career progresses.

Next, look for opportunities to take on leadership roles. A woman in the tech industry can advance to the next level in various ways by participating in technical forums and contributing to the tech community.

A woman, for example, could become a technical leader for her team or community. If that is already the case, honing and improving management skills can also lead to more women contributing to the C-suite.



At Compaira - we want a world where everyone has the chance to progress; we will provide the connections to do this simply and without bias.

Then, build and keep a successful track record. As women advance in their careers in technology, their roles shift from "doing the work" to "driving success."

It is critical for her professional development that she establishes and maintains a clear track record of success. Mastering the art of articulating one's accomplishments takes practice.

Finally, you should be able to break through your psychological 'glass ceiling.' This also implies that a woman must be willing to take a risk. Make large plans. To succeed, she must break through the mental "glass ceiling" and get out of her comfort zone as soon as possible.

Place her in situations where she can be herself and shape/influence culture for the better.

Finding mentors and sponsors, as well as mentoring and sponsoring others. These are some ways you can establish and advance your career as a woman in technology.

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