Women In Technology - Why is inclusion important?

 Women In Technology - Why is inclusion important?

Companies with high gender diversity outperform their peers in terms of returns, and they have outperformed less diverse companies on average over the last five years. Employing and retaining more women gives all stakeholders an immediate competitive advantage.

Diversifying leadership teams, according to research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group and the Technical University of Munich, leads to more and better innovation as well as higher financial performance in both developing and developed countries.

According to the survey, the organisations with the most gender diversity (those with 8 out of every 20 managers being women) generated around 34% of their revenue from new products and services in the most recent three-year period.

Solving a problem or developing new ideas or strategies necessitates a shift in perspective and the ability to think creatively. Men and women have various viewpoints on things and bring different perspectives to the table.

This allows for faster issue resolution, which can boost the business unit's performance. Consider the purchasing power that a diverse range of genders, cultures, and nationalities will provide.

At Compaira - we want a world where everyone has the chance to progress; we will provide the connections to do this simply and without bias.

Even better, once the company establishes a reputation for having a more diverse workforce, it gains access to a powerful recruiting tool.

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