• Piumi Maligaspe

Why is it necessary to make a good hire?

For any company, employees are the most important investment. These employees must be treated well, trained well, and given good benefits so that they will work to the best of their abilities. Hiring individuals that have the necessary qualifications and experience will benefit the company and increase productivity. The cost of making a bad hire was found out to be around £125K. Making a good hire will improve employee productivity, motivation, company customer service and thereby improve company dividends. That is why it is also important to have a long-term recruitment cost plan in mind when recruiting employees.

What can you do to make a good hire?

Listed below are some tips that will ensure a smooth hiring process

  • Make sure that you have a good recruitment cost plan- Hiring an employee is not cheap. Therefore, make sure that you have estimated the cost of hiring a new employee.

  • Write good job descriptions- A clear job description will ensure that applicants know what sort of job they will be doing and hence avoid the chance of hiring wrong hires.

  • Embrace digital trends and social media- Using social media in your recruitment process ensures that your hiring advertisement will be seen by a large number of potential applicants.

  • Build a strong employer brand- A survey done by Glassdoor showed that 69% of applicants prefer to apply to brands that have a strong social presence and good employer reviews.

  • Improve your interviewing process- Many good applicants may get discouraged due to flawed interview processes. Recruiter bias may also play a role when it comes to selecting the best candidates.

  • Maintain your company reviews- Top candidates prefer to apply to companies with good reviews. Make sure that your web pages are constantly updated.

  • Improve your recruitment process- Due to rising costs, many companies have switched to using digital HR tools to complement and carry out their hiring processes. One such handy HR tool is Compaira.

What is Compaira?

Compaira is an ethical talent management platform. Using Compaira’s specially designed AI algorithms, we can help you find the perfect fit for the job.

How can Compaira help you make the best hire?

Compaira’s AI algorithms ensure that there is minimum bias when selecting a potential candidate. Compaira also makes sure that the applicants' experience, skills, and talent are all applied according to the recruitment of the company and fit the demands of the job. If you are interested in learning more about Compaira, why not contact us at

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