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Uplifting Unbiased and Ethical Recruitment

Updated: Jun 19

Have you faced bias and prejudice in the recruitment process?

Many of us can see ethical issues in recruitment at organisations. Be it the religion, ethnicity, gender or the appearance of the candidate, employers tend to hire whom they feel like recruiting. In some instances, recruiters of the company tend to hire candidates they like rather than the one who can do the job. upon personal favourations. This is a rising problem globally which should be mitigated with ethical measures.

Currently, different practices are taken in workplaces to prevent recruitment bias. For instance, having few interviews with different interviewers. Having a diverse hiring team also helps to solve unethical hiring. Most of the companies have a skill test before selecting the candidates to assess their knowledge and competency. However, all of this can ultimately lead to hiring the favourite candidate of the interview panel. Some of the skill tests could be less effective as the HR has the ability to select the candidates they prefer. Also, even though there could be a round of interviews, the candidate with more qualification and experience has the ability to get selected easily than the candidate who has the suitable skill set to complete the job. You cannot unsee what you have already seen. So, whether we like it or not, viewing a cv or the picture or even things like their name, look, dressing sense colours our view of the candidates suitability. The problem with all these processes is that, even to get shortlisted of candidates, individuals have to go through the CV’s. If they don’t like the individual's communication style or even the font they used, the CV can be rejected and does no good to the diversity and inclusion practices that follow.

End to end Transparent Recruitment Process

This is where as a solution, Compaira plays along for unbiased selection and ethical recruitment process. Compaira the Talent Management platform designed and developed using behavioural and Artificial Intelligence algorithms helps to identify candidates using their skills, competencies, values and behaviour. After assessing these components, Compaira suggests suitable vacancies to the candidate for them to apply. Compaira also suggests suitable candidates to the job role for the employers, saving time.

Compaira encourages an unbiased or ethical recruitment process as it’s unfair by all means. Employees should not be recruited by race, religion, colour or based on their appearance. Anyone with suitable skills and experience should have the possibility to get their dream job. Compaira stands with diversity, inclusion and ethical hiring as a solution for the candidates, as well as employers.

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