Is It a Good Idea to Hire Fresh Graduates?

Is It a Good Idea to Hire Fresh Graduates?

Do you want your company or business to be the next Apple? As an already established company or looking to start a new one, your goals are profit and growth. These can only be possible if you have the right people to help nurture your visions. 

Hiring the right people can make your company, and the wrong ones can break your company.  

In that case, you could be looking to hire experienced individuals since they most likely come with the complete package. They have worked elsewhere, have a great portfolio and need little to no training. But what about fresh graduates? Those who have recently graduated and are eager to get into the workforce? 

Is it a good idea to hire them? Let us explore this question in this article by looking at the benefits and disadvantages of hiring fresh graduates.

Benefits of Hiring Fresh Graduates  

They Are Determined

Believe it or not, fresh graduates are determined. They enter the workforce eager for growth, making them want to climb the corporate ladder. Because of this eagerness, they want to learn, explore, and upskill themselves. If your company wants someone who can multi-task or learn new digital skills? They are there and willing to give it a try. 

They Are Willing to Work for Lower Pay

It is not like fresh graduates do not know the value of good pay, but they are willing to compromise by accepting lower income. This is likely because they know that they have minimal experience or even that there will be increments in the future.

Some are willing to accept lower income because they can predict good vision and growth for a company, especially since they are part of it. Which will someday boost their morale; being part of the team that brought about developmental and profitable growth is something to brag about among friends.

They Have New Ideas and Are Innovative

It is easier to lose out on ideas and maintain the status quo if you have been in the same industry for a long time. You and your team may always want to stick to “what works.” Fresh graduates will question that. They are young, energetic, and feel innovative. They will want to bring in new ideas that challenge the status quo. These new ideas may be the breakthrough your company needs to reach that next—Apple level. You may never know until you try.

They Are Tech-Savvy 

We are witnessing a revolution and in-demand need for technology. Startups and established tech firms are easing workflows for companies. Trello, Zapier, and Calendly are some of the examples of tech assets that ease workflows for companies. And tech benefits certainly don't stop at easing workflows only. Some fresh graduates do not even need to be trained on how to use these tech assets. They come with the knowledge like it is in-built. That is because they keep up with tech trends and use online resources to self-learn. 

They Are Social Media Oriented

Social media is here to stay. Although there are disadvantages that come with using social media, its benefits outweigh these disadvantages. Businesses and companies require social media to keep up with trends, stay ahead of the competition, and generate leads that could turn into customers. 

Fresh graduates can do all of that in a heartbeat. They can easily navigate from one social media account to another. These experiences come from self-learning or engaging with their peers. Whatever the case, they are still able to use social media to help your company grow. 

While we have outlined the pros of hiring fresh graduates, we still need to look at the cons of hiring them. This is so you could easily weigh both benefits and disadvantages before posting for hires on job search sites. 

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Disadvantages of Hiring Fresh Graduates

They Come with Little to No Work Experience 

Fresh out of the university, with barely three to six months internship, does not scream good job experience. Most fresh graduates can only come with internship experience at best.  Or even no internship experience at all, depending on the course they studied.
When looking to fill a job role, we know that experience is at the core of every company’s job requirements. Unfortunately, fresh graduates can offer little to no experience in most cases. And this can affect a company’s potential or growth in some cases. Companies may also need to put money and resources aside for training freshers. 

They May Lack Patience Necessary for Growth

Patience is necessary for financial and personal growth. It takes time to witness growth. This waiting time requires patience. Fresh graduates can be eager to be promoted to the next head of department or even CEO. This hunger for growth makes them blind to the future. To what the business or company they work for may become.

If they are not witnessing cash flow and titles in little time, they tend to look for what they think is the next best thing. Forgetting Google, Apple, Coke and a whole lot of other companies reached growth and potential on account of time and patience. 

This lack of patience and foresight could make them unwilling to offer their all which could cost the company progress.

They tend to Easily Give Up and Quit

It is no secret that there is a massive influx of job quitters recently. Mostly from Gen Z individuals. These are the freshers you are likely going to hire. Freshers are out of touch with reality. They think life is easy or black and white, bringing that idea into the workforce.

When things are not going their way or they are called to order for whatever reason, this may push them to quit. This will affect any company because they have to keep on hiring wasting time, money, and resources. 

They Can Have Unrealistic Expectations

Realistic expectations are necessary for every individual when it comes to earning potential. Freshers can have unrealistic expectations of earning huge amounts of income and bonuses despite their lack of experience.

This is why they job hop from one company to another hoping the next one will pay them better. Job hopping will cost a company not only their human resources but also money. It could be that they put in a lot of money to train fresh employees.

There is no doubt about the potential fresh graduates could have. They can be determined, and willing to work for lower-income, most are tech savvy and have good innovative ideas. But they can also have unrealistic job and money expectations. They may also come with little to no work experience.

So when looking to fill in job positions, make sure you go through the pros and cons of hiring fresh graduates before seeking employees on job search websites.

Ultimately what matters is the type of position, the best person for the position, and what is at stake if the position is given to a fresh graduate.

You will have to weigh your options fully knowing that fresh graduates still have a lot to bring to the table despite their work inexperience. 

Job experiences are vital aspects employees need to consider before employing prospective candidates. But it is not the only criteria to look for in potential candidates. 

As severally mentioned above. 

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