Still A Student-Learn How to Land Your Dream Job

Still A Student-Learn How to Land Your Dream Job

Would you like to get your dream job after studying? You are not alone. With more graduates than ever before, the employment market is tough today. Below are ways that you can land your dream job.

1. Visit Graduate Friendly Job Sites

Employers are all over the job sites and they're looking for you. Websites for college graduates, entry-level positions are available with full resources to utilise and other features to get you started. They are well worth the effort and freely ready to make you stand out as a student.

2. Visit the Career Office

I recommend going there at least five times before you graduate. If you don't know why you're leaving, you will soon. From mock interviews, professional resume reviews (compared to your roommates), learning how to network and even getting help figuring out exactly what you're supposed to do, career office is a great resource.

3. Ace an Internship

It's never too late and you can get a short internship in the last few months of the school year - either an extended internship or starting in the summer. And they can make a big difference: 52% of respondents in a recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) said their internship led to an offer. work, even before they graduate.

4. Exploration

Also venture into larger construction sites. It's a myth that sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster or SimplyHosystem are only for people who have entered the job market. It may seem like you're venturing into a foreign land, but do it. Most have a way of filtering criteria and looking for lower-level positions. Experiment with search words and phrases and see what you find.

5. Networking and Networking your Network

Use the rest of the semester to build a network. Forget the sun. Reach on social media, on job boards, among friends, family, family friends, mentors, teachers. Whenever you meet someone interesting, ask for their opinion and send an email. Most of us love to pass on our hard-earned wisdom to newcomers and are happy to introduce them to recruiters or recruiters. It makes us look good too.

6. Create a Contact List

Create a list of people you want to invite to this event named I'm Looking for a Job. And then plan to stay in touch. Don't be surprised if, years later, you still know some of these people. Your classmates, coaches and mentors - they are your original allies.

At Compaira - we want a world where everyone has the chance to progress; we will provide the connections to do this simply and without bias.
In every business, from creativity and technology to industry, research and finance, you will find that loyalty pays off. Check, email, progress report, thanks. Trust me.

7. Highlight your Skills
Employers know that you may lack specific job qualities. You should use your resume and profile to showcase the skills you have. NACE's "Job Prospects 2017" survey found that employers are looking for college graduates who can play well with others (78%), solve problems (77.3%) , communicative (75%) and have a good work ethic (72%). If you're unsure about how to convey this on a resume, talk to a resume training professional. You can include these skills in your description of a summer job or college project.

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