How Organization Can Help Employees to Achieve Work Life Balance

How Organization Can Help Employees to Achieve Work Life Balance
Are you feeling overwhelmed submitting resumes to different job posting sites but getting no response? Did you recently get a job but each time, your heart almost leaps out of your chest with challenging tasks that make you second guess your great potential? Whichever category you fit into, don't despair. No-one ever said running the talent acquisition race would be a winning streak.

Perhaps you may need to gently hit the brakes, pause, take a step back and calm down on the constant checking of your email or revisiting the job posting sites. For the newest employee on the block, don't be intimidated by the workload. Diffuse the tension by reaching out to a trusted experienced colleague for help.

Work-life balance is that state of your well being where you’re able to equally prioritize the demands of your career and your personal life. 

You would be surprised that getting a bit more organized may be the antidote you need for your current predicament. Let's walk you through some important areas you need to pay attention to:

1. Having an early start

Enjoy a quiet start to the day by waking up before the break of dawn and, if you're not alone, try getting up before everyone wakes up. This gives you time to yourself; to think, write down your goals for the day or have a to-do list prepared. You could also opt to prep the to-do list the night before. 

There’s a great degree of peace to be enjoyed when you start your day before sunrise.

2. Organize Your Workspace

Whether you're yet to get a job, you work remotely or in-person, having a frequently cleaned dedicated workspace is a must. If it's looking too busy, it's most likely contributing to the stress you feel.

Box up books and file away physical documents you no longer use.  Keep your table as light as possible. Add a soothing little pot plant, cozy lampstand or whatever inspires you. Keep it simple and keep it close.

Also, get the right chair for those foreseeable long hours. Many have opted to prop a pillow behind the back. Just make sure you’re super comfortable for the task at hand.

3. Sort Out Your Computer and Phone Files:

Everything has been so simplified for the work life balance but we tend to overlook the simplicity of folders and drives.

Is your desktop looking like snakes and ladders with documents and pictures scattered all over the place?

Take time to organize your documents, videos and pictures in respective folders. Have your work folder updated frequently and keep all personal stuff in separate folders. 

Backup your files to Google drive or any cloud storage that's super convenient for you.

 4. Update Your Portfolio 

Like an out-of-date resume, having an out-of-touch and outdated portfolio could cost you that once in a lifetime job opportunity. 

Form the habit of updating your portfolio. For some this could be in a drive, it could be periodic blogging on your website or even posting relevant content on your LinkedIn page.

5. Have a Seperate Email for Work

Don't get all those newsletters you subscribed to mixed up with work email. Have a separate email address for all things related to work so you can easily keep track of your duties and possibly, various jobs.

6. Have an Active Anti-virus Package

This will save you a lot of heartache. A computer without an anti-virus is an invitation to losing vital information that could cost you your job.

7. Keep Your Work Email Strictly For Work:

Limit the possibility of commiting errors by keeping the business of work away from your personal emails, newsletters and monthly subscriptions. This will heighten your concentration level to reply emails that need urgent attention.

8. Keep A Browser For Work Only Matters

One small but simple way to ward off distractions and increase productivity is to set aside one browser for work related stuff and another for non-worked related activities. If you’re the type of person who’s got 50+ tabs open on your phone for work, academics, vacation or discount stores, all hope is not lost. That’s why Compaira is here to help you!

Tidy up your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, phone browser etc and keep work related pages in one browser and other things like academics or entertainment search in another browser. That way, things don’t seem so messy on your phone or computer.

Now that you’ve read this far and we’ve paid attention to some work specific hacks, let’s dig deeper, paying attention to your health, family and overall wellbeing:

9. Your Health is Top Priority

Your primary concern is your overall health. To avoid burnout, enjoy lunch break by taking a walk and settling down with a snack in hand or head out to your favourite eatery. Seize the opportunity to get some fresh air. If you struggle with depression, schedule time for therapy and if you can’t afford therapy, have a tidied-up safe space to do the things that truly keep you happy. 

For job seekers, don’t let the rejection emails or the silence sadden you. Know when to take a little break from job hunting. When you come back, broaden your job search looking for more effective job posting sites. For your emotional wellbeing, avoid scammers with too good to be true job offers either asking you to part with money to get money or showing you screenshots of money that does not exist.   

Prioritizing your physical and mental health doesn’t have to consist of radical or extreme changes. It can be as simple as taking a break to read a book or doing a simple clean up.

At Compaira - we want a world where everyone has the chance to progress; we will provide the connections to do this simply and without bias.

10Make Time For Family Bonding

You had a family before you got this position and you still do. It’s never a good idea to use work as a reason to be away from family for too long. Scheduling family time requires some degree of intentionality. Take time to prioritize activities, hobbies or outings with the people you truly care about.  

Map out a realistic calendar for family outings. You may see it as a big deal or a task but it would certainly bring some structure and colour to your life. Just because work keeps you super busy doesn’t mean you should starve your personal life. 

11. Enjoy Some Offline Time

Have you tried leaving your phone in another room then going to bed? Waking up in the morning without grabbing your phone to start with emails or socials will help you get out of bed - fast, keep you refreshed and focused on what you must do in the morning. Try this at least for an hour after wake up time, you’d be surprised at how much you’ve accomplished.

Then there’s specific times you’d have to set for yourself to be offline. It really depends on your work schedule and the nature of the work you do. If you’re required to be online for a three to six hours, then set offline hours for yourself. You may need to sit and try out some time blocking to get yourself organized.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Do you know someone who needs some worklife balance motivation? Until we meet again, don’t forget to share.

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