Employee Well-being, What is It and How Can Fostering it Help Your Business

Employee Well-being, What is It and How Can Fostering it Help Your Business
Employee well-being is simply another way of saying worker satisfaction or happiness. It concerns how their environment, the tasks they undertake, the expectations placed upon them and work dynamic affect their stress levels and overall happiness.

Why should you prioritize employee well-being in your workplace? You should do it, because it provides a wealth of different benefits to help your business succeed and achieve any goals that have been set.
Reduced health related costs

Within an office workspace there are many factors that contribute to the degradation of an employee's health. Being overworked can lead to increased stress, as well as burnout. In addition to this, the fairly static office workplace also contributes to a wealth of health complications, such as increased blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes amongst other things.

Having to deal with the aforementioned complications leads to greater instances of employee absenteeism, as well as large amounts of company money being spent to aid in recovering an employee's health. Promoting employee well-being enables a company to navigate past these issues, as they will be prevented as opposed to cured.
Improved productivity

Having increased better employee productivity. In providing a space that fosters healthier living and well-being, a company essentially aids in reducing situations and factors that lead to less work being done. This is because people that smoke are inherently more likely to take breaks, people with poor diets and health are more inclined to take multiple sick days, as opposed to those with more balanced diets and lifestyles.


In addition to reducing ailments relating to physical health, encouraging employee well- being at your place of work can also reduce ailments associated with mental health, such as burnout, leading to a more efficient and fluid output of work.

Improved engagement

Companies and offices with higher levels of employee well-being, also tend to have higher levels of engagement. Having higher levels of employee engagement leads to employees feeling more fulfilled and happy at their jobs. As a result, employees are more likely to put in more effort concerning their work and goals. Not only will productivity increase, but the likelihood of turnover is reduced, thus savings costs.

 Talent acquisition and retention

Having a great reputation will work wonders for a company. It will decrease instances of employee turnover as a result of dissatisfaction. Having a great reputation also aids a company in acquiring talented workers, as they are more likely to want to work at institutes with great reputations and high levels of employee satisfaction. How does one better their companies reputation? Simple, promote employee well-being.


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