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Compaira – what so good about being an Angel?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

It is true that there are a lot of profiles. So what is so good about the Compaira profile?

There are lots of incredibly well thought through, well-researched profiles that get under your skin and tell you more about yourself than you maybe didn’t want to admit. On the other hand, there are profiles where after five easy questions you find that you answered ‘mainly B’ and you are now a Unicorn. Who doesn’t want to be a Unicorn!

Our co-founder, Ram Raghavan, took the harder path to develop Compaira’s unique profiling tool. He started with the belief that our relationships in the world are formed at a values level. If you ever meet Ram you will know he is a very thoughtful person. His curiosity drove the enquiry.

A dictionary definition of values is ‘principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life’. How often do we find people that we just click with or people who rub us up the wrong way? Subjects on the telly that we have a strong reaction to and others we just didn’t notice. Values are formed as we grow up, settle for a while and change maybe 2 or 3 times in our lives as experience and circumstance change.

Ram started the investigation by finding a way to decipher how people process information and arrive at judgements inside their heads. A series of cognitive mapping techniques were used to record and then interpret the patterns found. For example, we all know that emotional intelligence is important. However, when we are asked how we evaluate people, we either rely on some test or what we have read from books. Ram encouraged people to come up with traits people thought were important for an emotionally intelligent person. The managers who participated were then asked to deconstruct those traits to then identify key behaviours. For example, if a manager said social skills, then they were asked to explain the behaviours they wanted to see in a person with social skills. Managers would state that behaviours like active listening, mirroring, networking, influencing and being charming captured social skills. Participants were asked to look at the values they perceived that influenced these behaviours and the next step was to establish a relationship between the behaviour and the values. So for example if networking was the behaviour they said was important, the value that drives that might be curious or exploring. If we are talking about listening the values might be sensitivity, empathy, kindness, sincerity etc. The participants were finally asked to list the top 5 values for each of these behaviours and asked if each value has a direct, neutral, no or inverse influence on the other values..

From the hundreds of investigations, a series of patterns started to emerge. To see these in an objective way the data was subjected to factor analysis to reveal the core factors driving our decisions. What the analysis revealed are our values

Ram could have stopped there. He had uncovered what drives us. But that’s not Ram. He wanted to make sure the results were making sense. Time for a consultant neurologist and a psychiatrist to enter the story. Here were two people who could take the idea and validate it through talking to real people. We know that data without people can be dangerous. But data for people can help us to tap into a better explanation of how we work and how our relationships work. Our two experts conducted a set of interviews to explore the dynamics that Ram had seen. They were able to validate the patterns and to bring further life to what was seen. This is where our language emerged – Angel, Hero, Engineer or Discoverer.

Some organisations offer profiling as a service in its own right but Ram recognised that there was a greater opportunity from his findings. Recruitment is a strange mix of decision making. We try to find a match and we try not to be biased. But the judgement we rely on is informed by our values and so is biased. Ram saw the opportunity to make a system that could do better. Tip the process on its head - profile early to add values in as a conscious choice and let technology help with the filtering. Add a few more people in and that is how Compaira was born.

If you have not already revealed your true colours then please register with Compaira at and find out what is driving you. Who knows what you will find!

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