The Benefits of Remote Work: Trading Cubicles For the Comfort of Home

The Benefits of Remote Work: Trading Cubicles For the Comfort of Home

Long commutes, early mornings and packed lunches. These are just a few things that we’ve all experienced as a result of having to head to the office. This doesn’t have to be the only way though! For generations, the work force has been content with having to travel to their place of employment and work in an office; but times are changing! We have access to the internet. We are capable of communicating without the need of physical contact.

We truly have been fortunate to gain access to a tool that makes our daily lives just that little bit more enjoyable and easy. So why shouldn’t we use it to make our work lives just that little bit better?

Here are some of the benefits you gain from utilising remote work:

1. Increased Productivity

Productivity increases? Really? yes it does. Whilst some may assume that leaving employees to their own devices and tempo may reduce productivity, this turns out not to be the case. By eliminating the necessity of driving to and from work, as well as the distraction of office politics, gossip, breaks, and other things, an employee essentially reduces the amount of time spent not being productive, and as a result, increases their work efficiency.

  1. Employee Happiness and Health
Remote work also aids in fostering good mental and physical health, as it enables an employee to avoid actions or instances that could be detrimental to them. By eliminating the need to commute to work, one eliminates the stress and sense of being overwhelmed that usually accompanies travelling to work in heavy traffic. Furthermore, by enabling employees to interact with one another without the need of physical contact, the likeliness of illness or sickness to spread is greatly reduced; which, given the current covid climate, is a massive benefit to both employers and employees.

3. Quality Work

Utilising remote work enables employees to work much more efficiently, thus increasing the quality of work produced. This isn’t the only way that remote work can enable better quality of work for an employer however. By advertising and offering remote jobs, employers enable themselves to outsource the most talented individuals for the job. Additionally, by providing work that can be done remotely, maintenance of quality workers is ensured as they are more likely to be satisfied with their working conditions, and subsequently happy with their jobs.

  1. Freedom

By enabling remote work to be done at your company, you enable your employees to have a greater amount of freedom with their daily lives. Planning around events like a child’s soccer game, a doctors appointment and family crisis, is made increasingly easier. Without the need of having to travel to work, employees are essentially able to work wherever they are, provided they have the right equipment, thus making it significantly easier for them to plan and navigate their lives, without needing to use sick days or request time off.

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  1. Saving Money
One of the most appealing benefits of remote work, for employers, would have to be the fact that it aids in reducing cost to the company. Less money is spent on fuel allowances, less money goes toward the maintenance of an office as there are less employees frequently using it. Depending on preference, it saves a large amount of money if a company decides to not use an office space, as there is no longer a need to pay rent. From an employees point of view, money can be saved by not having as heavy of a reliance on child care, as the employee can now work from home; less money is spent on lunch, or buying work clothes or even travelling, if you are not provided with a fuel allowance.

So whether you want an increased sense of freedom afforded from working remotely, better productivity, healthier living or increased fiscal responsibility, there are a plethora of different benefits that one stands to gain when remote work is used.


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