The Compaira Team.

The founders of Compaira met at Manchester Business School.

Ram in his various roles, always found it challenging to identify the right people with the right aptitude & attitude. He found the recruitment process flawed, mechanical  & little or no attention paid to a candidate's values/behaviour. Retention was always going to be a challenge as a result.

Adil went to work in the banking sector post his MBA. He always found that people who he recruited for potential than their current ability always performed better. He found the problem to exist in every level of management. His quest to find a solution made him realise that solutions in the market only used Ai and had a mechanical approach to recruitment. Psychometric tests were always administered separately. He teamed up with Ram to create a solution that addresses this gap.

Ram Raghavan
Ram RaghavanFounder and CEO,
Founder of 3 companies leveraging PhD from Manchester Business School in Human Capital Management Talengene (2002 to current) helped businesess achieve extraordinary and sustainable performance. Currently focuses only on research and new product development Riddlebox (Founder 2012). Employee experience metric to put people before their profits
Adil Dhalabhoy
Adil DhalabhoyCo-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer,
Completed MBA at Manchester Business School with Ram Raghavan. Head of Strategy, Risk and Operations Credit, and Client Technology at Credit Suisse. Compaira is solving the problems Adil faces regularly when hiring talent at Credit Suisse.
 Ian Ayling
Ian AylingChief Marketing Officer,
Have helped Wilko, The Co-Operative Group, Soil Association and many others. Ian has been developing marketing and communication strategies for well over 20 years. Ian has experience in building brands in retail, research, & charity sectors.