We are an ethical talent platform

Recruit people without any Bias

Do you see examples every day of candidates picked for the wrong reason?

Do you want to do something about diversity and inclusion?

We have launched a solution to address that. We want to ensure the right talent is connected with the right role with minimal effort and complete fairness.

To talented people and talent hunters, we are the new way to match opportunity and potential faster, fairer and smarter because our unique profiling insight and use of AI allows us to connect through values and potential, not just skills and familiarity. If you would love to know more, we are happy to share our story.

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Compaira is an ethical talent platform. It helps you find the right talent for the right role without any bias or prejudice. Compaira can not only screen but also take over some of your recruitment processes to give you more control. Compaira matches talent effectively using AI and Behavioural algorithms to save time without losing the human touch.


I am an employee

Breaking the glass ceiling

Compaira is an intelligent solution that will help you to find that dream job. It uses AI and Behaviour algorithms to screen the right role for you once a role is available. It even applies on your behalf.

By the way do you know if you are a "Hero or an Engineer or and Angel or a Discoverer"? We do☺

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Recruitment without bias

Compaira is a new way of thinking about recruitment.We look at the whole person not just the bag of skills Combining the power of unique profiling with the objectivity of AI we will make recruitment fairer and faster


Journey so far...

Current Areas of Focus

We are going to be sharing our progress with you and would love for you to get involved to help us shape our service in a way that is reliable, easy to use and more importantly has the human touch


Behavioural algorithm integration

April 12, 2020

The behavioural engine driving the engine was coded, tested and validated. The next step is UX testing

Ongoing Research

November 1, 2019

We want to embrace current and future thinking to design elegant solutions to solve your current and future challenges.  We are always reaching out to companies, recruitment agencies, candidates, governing bodies to understand their needs, frustrations.  We would love to hear from you.


Big Bang

Jan 04, 2020

This is super exciting. We are now bringing the AI and Behavioural engines to create our unique system. We have got a few companies that are ready to use it when we are ready to go. Are you interested in using our solution? Do get in touch.

The team is growing

Latest information

We started exploring this idea not long ago. From two people we have grown to a team of 9. The latest addition to our team is Manoj Ranaweera who is going to help us get the company ready and attractive to investors


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