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Quenching your career thirst!

FInd your dream job with one click

Recruit people without any Bias

Let us find you opportunities...

Compaira automatically matches you with job vacancies. Not just based on skills but based on your values too. Completely fair and no waste of time for you or potential employers.

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Let us find you  talented people...

We match individuals with your vacancies automatically. From our thousands of registered people we look at the whole person, both values and skills. We give you a short list to meet your needs – completely fair, completely fast.

Let us help you get career fit...

Compaira Job Gym is the place to work out. We will help you express your career goals and then match support and resources to help you achieve it.

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Let us help your team grow their talent...

Compaira Job Gym is the place for your teams to work out. They can define career goals and be personally matched to support and resources to grow their talent.









Robert Wakeling,CEO Wadaro

Innovative solution for finding talent. High hopes of find our next team member with support from Campaira

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David Pepper, MD Kaya

The Compaira platform allowed us to shortlist a few candidates very easily. We were able to shortlist, interview and offer the role to the right candidate within two days of us posting the role on the platform


Daniel Oreta, CSO Intrepid

The Compaira platform's modelling and analytics give us a window to see behavioural insights that we haven't had available before.  We've used these insights to give us a second opinion on our team evaluations and allocations.  Overall, our teams work, communicate, and collaborate better than before, and our project delivery results have improved

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