Turn your recruitment cost into an investment. 

The rising cost of recruitment is a tragedy. Investment always comes with a return.


The average cost of bad hiring decisions is £125K in the UK.


Investment always comes with a return and do not fall into the trap of hiring the wrong talent. In the long run, you will incur more costs trying to replace them with the right people. 


So, get it right the first time! 


Your future success depends on the performance of the talent you’re getting on board and making the correct recruitment decision will help your company grow in many ways. Recruitment cost keeps increasing when you select the wrong candidate for the wrong job. The time and effort your team will spend will also be a cost for your company. 


To fix broken recruitment, we unveiled Compaira to convert your recruitment into an investment. You can use Compaira as a fully-fledged Talent Management solution that operates from hiring a candidate to retaining them. Compaira is a cost-effective solution for your organisation as it makes hiring easy, like eating a piece of cake.

Try Compaira for free for a limited time and get a talented candidate hired first try. 

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