Unforgettable candidate experience

Candidates prefer to get hired within 1-2 weeks of their first interview. 
Candidate experience is a continuous process that starts from applying for a job till getting hired or rejected. 
As a candidate, have you faced negative experiences when trying to get a job? We know you don’t like to get judged during an interview, and it’s annoying that companies take forever to respond. 
As an employer, have you thought of delivering a superb candidate experience? The first point of contact for the candidate to experience your brand is through the recruitment platform and process you follow.
There is immense opportunity for organisations like yours to provide superior candidate experience right from the outset.
We know that a great brand image and candidate experience impact the quality of recruitment as 55% of job seekers will no longer pursue an application if they read negative employee reviews online about the company, and 82% consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job.   We care about your brand image, which is why we have come up with the perfect solution. 
Compaira offers an unforgettable experience with its capabilities. You can complete your candidate profile in less than 3 minutes and experience the smooth application process. Compaira is simple and easy to handle, saving you time. After completing your profile, we will update you with your unique Identity Persona if you’re a hero, angel, engineer, or explorer at work. 
If you’re an employer, you only have to notify the candidate within a few days as Compaira shortlists the best candidates for you. 
Accelerate your recruitment process with Compaira. Your free trial to experience Employer’s Journey is valid only for a limited time.